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Our proposition is refreshingly simple...

We offer a high quality, certified solar system which, thanks to the government’s "Feed-in Tariff" scheme, is completely free of charge.

This offer includes:

Free solar panels
Free solar installation
Free solar maintenance
  Maintenance for 25 years
Free solar insurance
  Insurance for 25 years

During daylight hours, the solar panels silently generate free solar electricity for you to use in your home. There are absolutely no charges, hidden or otherwise.


A welcome change

In our fast moving world, change is unavoidable. Unwelcome changes can involve money, big decisions and upheaval.

At FreeSolar, we think that change should be:

  Completely free
  Money saving
  Quick and easy to do
  Good for the environment

With renewable solar energy, you can instantly reduce your electricity bills with no hidden costs or surprises, while minimising your carbon footprint and contributing to a better future.

Isn’t that a welcome change.